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{Best} Women’s Day Status For WhatsApp and Facebook in Hindi and English

Women’s Day Status: Happy Women’s day status for WhatsApp. International women’s day status for facebook for 2018. Social networking has become the efficient source to share your ideas and thoughts at any instant of time with ease and efficiently. The best social networking site Facebook has been used by 1.3 billion users over the world out of which 890 million users access it daily. Company’s another application Whatsapp is also used by 600 million users. Setting the status on Whatsapp & Facebook is the best way to describe your feelings, share your thoughts. There has been the trend of setting status on various events and festivals. In this article, we are providing you Happy Women’s day status for Facebook, Whatsapp.  We hope that it will let you personalize your profile picture and share your emotions about International Women’s day which is going to be celebrated on March 8th this year as usual.

Women’s Day Status For WhatsApp and Facebook

Women’s day status for WhatsApp: Just like Facebook, Whatsapp has also become the essential medium to stay in touch with your loving people. You can update your status from any below given HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY 2018 STATUS FOR WHATSAPP and can express your feelings by means of it. You can also set images of women’s day as your group photo which you will get at Happy International Women’s Day 2018 cards, Images. And here I want to add one more point that the status of your Whatsapp reflects the quality of your thinking. It will influence your friends to realize the necessity of women’s day. And ultimately, you will be indirectly supporting women’s rights which they are not getting at least to date.

 Women's Day Images Status

  • You made me what I am when I was nothing. You cried with my cry and smiled with my smile. Thanks for being a perfect companion for me. Lots of blessings for women’s day.
  • Whenever any women say “Do whatever you want”, clever men should understand that he don’t been granted to do anything he likes to do.
  • The guess made by the woman is more accurate than the certainty of man. A man cannot think in the same manner as the woman does.
  • Showering love and taking care of persons in life are two qualities which a woman carries from the birth. That is why we see nurses in the hospital to take care of patient instead of the man.
  • When a woman is with her husband, she fears even from the cockroach. But, when it comes to saving her child she does not hesitate to fight with any disaster. Thus, it is difficult to understand any woman.
  • Women’s are made to be loved and not to be understood. When you love them, they love ten times than you do.
  • Women’s gets breakdown easily after any bad incidence but, they overcome also fastly from that. This is exactly opposite in case of man.
  • Have you seen the ocean of love, patience, scarifies? Look towards your mother and you will automatically get the answer. Hats off to the efforts taken by the mother. Happy women’s day.
  • Wishing you a day that is just like you…..beautiful and special. Happy Women’s Day!
  • What lies behind us and what lies before us are not big matters as compared to what lies within us. You are always an inspiration to me.
  • A Wonderful mother, supportive, the great friend, wonderful and angel mother, beautiful, friendly sister brought me on the path of progress. Happy women’s day!

Women's Day Status For WhatsApp

Women’s Day Facebook Status 2018

  • You can get her love in the form of the sister, Mother, Beloved wife, Daughter, grandmother or maybe from the mother of the world like Mother Teresa. So, respect each and every woman in the world and let’s make a peaceful world beyond the imagination. A beautiful and happy women’s day!
  • Every house, every feeling, every happiness, every moment of life and even the whole world is not possible without you….the extraordinary ‘women’! Thanks to every woman who sacrificed for me and love you a lot.
  • A charming Women need not follow the crowd. On the other hand, she herself is a crowd! Happy Women’s Day 🙂
  • Feel special, unique, happy and on the top of the world. This entire world is running only because of your patience and love. The Day is totally yours women’s. Salute to your unbelievable qualities!
  • God has created a special entity who only knows to love a lot, take care of others and make adjustments and sacrifices for their loved ones. That special creation by God is ‘Women’. She lets you be on the ladder of success by staying herself at the bottom! Wishing you a very happy Women’s Day!
  •  Woman gives you birth, takes your care more than herself, taught you to walk, eat, smile and every basic thing you wanted to live in life. She does not see at her own needs to let you be the good person. By looking back in life, you will get what she has done for you. Only Women can do such legendary work! Wishing a happy women’s day every single woman!
  • The woman is a symbol of strength, patience, sacrifices, humanity, Calmness, sincerity, thinking ability, concentration and last but not least is tremendous love. Such qualities make them be on top in any companies, government, research, education and everywhere! The man should learn how to use internal potential to do work properly! Keep moving forward women’s wish you a pleasant happy Women’s day!
  •  Wishing you a day filled with goodness and warmth, wishing you happiness, success, peace….. Not only for today but forever in your life, I want to say thanks to all women’s in my life for supporting me and hope you will continue shower of blessings and love on me. Wish you happy women’s day and thank you once again!
  • When any home or country is said to be happy and perfect? The perfect answer for this is ‘when every woman in house or country gets lots of respect, love, equality, education, moral support for their overall development’. Let’s put a foot ahead to build the best society around by giving respect to women’s. Happy Women’s Day!!
  • The Credit of development of country should be given to women’s in that country. This is because, at the back end, there is always exists a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend which supports man to do extraordinary work. And due to such work, the country goes on achieving higher and higher goals. Hats off to sacrifices made by millions of women’s! The day is totally for you only.

We hope that it will let you personalize your profile picture and share your emotions about Happy International Women’s Day which is going to be celebrated on March 8th this year as usual.

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