Women’s Day Poetry- Women’s Day Shayari in Hindi, English & Urdu {**2018**}

Women’s day poetry: Happy women’s day Shayari 2018. Women’s day poetry Shayari in Hindi and English. Poetry and Shayari is the main part of every event. International women’s day celebrate 8th March every year. Only a few days are remaining for Women’s day 2018 and we are here with the latest collection of Women’s day poetry and Shayari. Share this poetry with your mother, sister, wife, and daughter.

Women’s Day Poetry Shayari in Hindi 2018

Women’s day poetry Shayari in Hindi 2018: Find the latest collection of Women’s day poetry and Shayari 2018 and share with friend and relatives.

Kisi Ke Ghar mein Beti Bankar Janam Leti Hai….
Baap Ki Izzat, Maa Ki Parchai Bankar Rehti Hai….
Apne Bhaiyon Ke Saath hasti-Khelti Rehti Hai….
Inhi Rishte-Naato Ko Yeh Apni Duniya Samaj Leti Hai..
Phir Ek Din.
Naye Rishte, Nayi Zimmedariyon Se Usse Hum Jod Jaate Hai….
Vidaai Par Peeche Bas Kuch Yaadein yeh Chodd Jaate Hai….

Kuch Aur Rishto Ko Nibhaane Ke Liye,
Yeh Beti Auron Ke Ghar Ko sajaane Jaati hai….
APni Mehak Se Kisi Aur Ke Ghar Ko Mehakaati Hai….
Ek Beti Kisi Ki Patni, Kisi Ki Bahu, Kisi Ki Bhabi Ban Jati hai….
Yeh Ek Ladki, Naa Jaane Kitne Rishto mein Dhal Jaati Hai…….

Har Ek Rishte Ko Nibhaana Iske Liye Ek Farz keh Lata Hai….
Iske hirday mein Sab ke Liye Sirf pyaar Hi Pyaar Reh Jaata Hai….
Pehle Beti, Phir Behan, Phir Patni, Phir Bahu, Phir Maa, Phir Daadi-Naani….

Yeh Aurat Naa Jaane Kitne Rishto mein Simat Jaati hai….
Ek Nanhi Si Jaan Khaandaano Ko Chalaati Hai….
women's Day Poetry
Eh Aurat Teri Koi paribhaasa Teri Koi Ek pehchaan Nahi…
Teri Mahima Mai Darsha Sakun ,Itni Meri Kavita mein Jaan Nahi….

Eh AUrat Tujhe Kya Kahoon, Teri Har Baat Niraali Hai…
Tu Ek Aisa pauda Hai Jis Ghar Rahe Waha hariyali Hi hariyali Hai…..

Ek Aurat Ko Kabhi Parayapan ka Ehsaas Na Dilaao….
Jisne Har Kadam Par APne Ehsaaso Ka Balidaan Diya…
Kabhi Uski Zindagi Ko Kareeb Se Jaan Paao….

Teri Shaan Mein Ye Sirf Itna Hi keh sakta Hai….
Teri Unchaiyon Ke Saamne Aasman Bhi Nahi Reh Sakta Hai….

Iss Kavita Se Mera Sirf Itna Sa Ek paighaam Hai…..
Eh Aurat!!! Tujhe Mera Sar Jhuka Kar Salaam Hai………………

हैप्पी वोमेन डे !
“जब एक आदमी को शिक्षित किया जाता है,
तब एक आदमी ही शिक्षित होता है, लेकिन
जब एक औरत को शिक्षित किया जाता है,
तब एक पीढ़ी शिक्षित होती है”
~ ब्रि�?म यंग


Women’s Day Shayari in English

Role reversal by Nessa O’Mahony

after Eavan Boland
There will come a time, mother,
when the transformed spring opens up
and the charioteer holds out a hand;
he might have my father’s face, might not;
his gestures might be gentle or rough
as he eases you into a space made ready
and shows you the pomegranate.
And you will take the seed and eat,
willingly perhaps, not caring
that every bargain has its cost,
or will your hand have stayed
by the sun’s ray on your face?
I will not have time to catch up,
to forestall the nine long days,
the nine long nights of wandering.
And I’ll have no deal to strike;
no backward glance, no waiting
for the seasons to turn back to me.

Women's Day Shayari

It’s the day to celebrate
It’s the day to think
For all that the world have done
To the charming colour pink

They blocked off her way
They chased her that day
They stormed all her life
Her blurred eyes did say

An unarmed woman
With self arrested courage
They pulled down her confidence
With their harsh and sharp image

They found her so helpless
They made her to cry
They turned her life to hell
And forced her to die

But let me say a word
A word full of hope
She made her way out
And learned how to cope

A woman, a mother, a wife
With patience she strives
Caring,bearing and working
Still struggling with life…

We are cute daughters,
We are sweet sisters,
We are lovely lovers,
We are darling wives,
We are adorable mothers,
We are source of strength,
We are WOMEN!
Happy Women’s Day!!

a superwoman
Your worth is not in the things you do
Your worth lies in your care and through
You go beyond your limit in life
You are so strong from inside
You sacrifice for that one smile
You are there for people you love all the while
You are a true woman of substance
And a big salute to you in life
Happy women’s day to you!
Being so pure and true! 

 Happy Women’s day 2018

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