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It’s Time to Have a Silencer Roof. Here Are The Types & Choices!

When it rains heavily, you and your family can be disturbed by the sound of heavy rain falling.
Not to mention the thunderous thunderous sound. Never mind children, adults can be surprised to hear it. Noises from outside the house such as cars or motorcycles that pass until the children who play can be annoying.

Currently, building materials have evolved so that they can reduce unwanted effects. The roof of the building has been designed to not only reduce the heat of the sun to reduce the temperature of the house.

However, the roof of the building has also been designed to reduce noise from outside so it is not heard by residents of the house. Soundproofing roof options In addition to Onduline which is a soundproofing roof option, there are a number of other alternatives to reduce sound.
You can have a choice if you don’t want to hear annoying noises from outside the house.

Anti Noisy Damper Paint

Paint not only serves to coat and protect buildings, but also can reduce sound. This paint can reduce noise from outside by 30 percent so that the sound is not too heard from the house. To more effectively muffle the sound, this wall paint must be applied to the exterior of the house. This paint can be applied to the roof so it can reduce noise when it rains. The material in this paint is made of water-based polymer, which means that water is used as a solvent. When compared to oil based paints, this paint has no odor and is more durable.

Silencers for Galvalum Roofs

Another option is to install a silencer for the galvalum roof. This layer can muffle the sound. This silencer can be used to absorb sound from outside or inside the building. Galvalum roof is usually used for factory buildings, warehouses, or buildings that have large rooms.

Silencers Roof

If you often sing at karaoke or play music in a music studio, you will find a soundproof room.
This room uses soundproof roof spandek so that the sound of people singing and playing music is not heard. This silencer layer can be another alternative that can be installed on the roof to reduce noise.