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fashion is depicted by distinguished square or rectangular exteriors

home architecture

More generally present in rural areas, the cabin style house is designed with simplicity and nature in mind; making them ideal for second houses or rental properties. With wooden options prominently used all through the inside and exterior of the home, cabins elicit a way of nature, whether or not they’re situated in the woods, or tucked towards the mountains.Learn more & view homes for sale. A few of those modern craftsman clients include Restoration Hardware, the Red Cross, Sierra Club, and myriad esteemed residential clients all through the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

As in Art Deco, Art Moderne buildings emphasize simple geometric varieties. The Monterey Style was born in nineteenth century California, however its popularity expanded throughout a growing twentieth century United States. The easy yet regal design grew to become in style with the less-than-wealthy however nicely-to-do class of Americans. Frank Lloyd Wright transformed the American home when he began to design “Prairie” style houses with low horizontal traces and open interior areas.


Pueblo Revival homes imitate the traditional earthen homes of the Pueblo Culture in the American Southwest. Two California architects, Charles Sumner Greene, and Henry Mather Greene, are often credited with inspiring America to construct Bungalows.

This made for open spaces and large glass windows to convey the skin in. This modern home style flourished till the Nineteen Eighties, with the flat airplane design making for a chic and seamless look. You can thank Queen Victoria for the namesake of this style of … Read More