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Tips on Making a Small Garden on Limited Land

Land in urban areas which are increasingly limited, has an impact on the housing of urbanites in urban areas which is also increasingly limited. This limited land in urban areas also has an impact on the high value of land sale prices so that not many people can have large residential land in this urban area.

Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, some communities have dealt with various methods so that their occupancy is not too narrow. For example, by using partitions to distinguish space (not using massive partitions such as walls) to avoid overcrowding, choose furniture with mini sizes, or paint a room with bright colors so the room looks more spacious. So what if you want to make a mini park in a residential area with limited land?

Place the pots in one side

If you don’t have enough land to plant various types of plants, you can get around this by planting in potted plants. To get good results, you can put all the pots in one side, for example in the front corner of your house, or in the back of your house. You can also hang or stick it to the wall of your home. In order to beautify the plant pots, you can put pretty stickers or paint them with pastel colors.


Unlike plants that must be planted on vacant land, these vines can live on the walls of your home. Even though it’s on the wall, this plant can have a cool effect on your home. In addition, this type of plant does not require special care or subscription.

Small Park at the Front Door

If there really isn’t any land in your house that can be allocated to be a garden, the front yard porch and the space around the entrance can also be used as land for a small park. Put a few pots or create a space for green land in the area can provide freshness to your home.
Take advantage of the Side Area of the House
If your house has land left in the side area of the house, this can be an option to create a small garden. Make a row of plants on the land, you can plant one type of plant in the area close together to bring a green nuance on the side yard of your house.

Plant a Dwarf Tree

If a large rooted and rooted plant makes your house look narrower, you can plant a dwarf tree or with a short stem height (like aloe vera) in front of your porch. This medium and low height tree can add to the aesthetics of your garden. For the part of the park seen above, one tree is planted in the middle of the park, then a second tree is planted opposite. Each height of the tree you can adjust to the size of your own garden.

Planting grasses

Planting grasses can also be your choice to bring a green zone to your home. It is better to choose the type of elephant grass, because this type of grass has good quality compared to other types of grass. You can arrange this grass into a fence shape or other beautiful shapes. Depending on your taste and family.

Vertical Garden

This method is actually almost the same as the first way to place various pots on one side, but the difference is that the pots are placed in a vertical position. How to? You have to prepare some equipment such as boards that will be used as shelves. Arrange vertically the boards, then just place a few pots that have been planted with various flowers. This can save your space.

Natural stone usage

To beautify the park on limited land, you can use natural stone in the design arrangement. Although the park is not extensive and the land is limited, but the use of natural stone can beautify the design layout.

Take advantage of Carport

For those of you who have a carport and the remaining land on the edges, this can be handled by placing various plants in pots in a row. However, because of its position in the carport, you must be diligent in watering it so that the plants stay fresh even though they are in the carport.

Park indoors

When the land outside your home can no longer be planted, creating an indoor garden is one option that you can choose. But to make a mini garden in this room, you have to call or use a park-making service. Because it must be really measured and there are stages that cannot be done alone. You can put this garden in the living room or family room. Besides giving an aesthetic impression, the garden in this room can make the room cool. So that in your room air exchange occurs every day. Choice of plants that do not have large stems. Because this will result in a cramped and cramped room.

Take advantage of Room Window

This method can be chosen when you really want to see flowers or plants in bloom in your home. You can use the window sills of the room (which directly face outside or exposed to sunlight) to put some plants. Choose plants that have beautiful flowers and have bright colors so they can give a fresh and beautiful impression in your room.